About Thinking Cap®

Thinking Cap was founded in the spring of 2001. In 2003, Thinking Cap launched the first versions of Thinking Cap® Author and Thinking Cap LMS. Without a customer, we made the investment to create the first XML-based eLearning system. This was done for one reason - it was needed. With over 70 commercial and open source Authoring Tools and LMS products on the market not one used XML to facilitate reusability and single sourcing. Thinking Cap was created to fill that gap.

Quickly, Thinking Cap and its way of creating and maintaining content gained many followers. But what about how that content was delivered? The Structured Content Development Model didn't cover this and like other LMSs, ours was was locked into the same practice of manually assigning courses to users and copying courses into many places to handle divergent groups all with slightly different learning needs.

In 2007, Thinking Cap LMS added Dynamic Management, which added the ability to use semantic information about courses, domains and users and a set of simple rules to effortlessly manage the entirety of the delivery of learning. This closed the semantic circle, extending what we had done with content creation in Thinking Cap Author to the delivery of that content in Thinking Cap LMS.

Why Thinking Cap?

  • Personalized Attention — At Thinking Cap we understand that your organization is unique and you can expect to receive top quality service and support through out each step of your strategy.
  • Flexible Solutions — Willingness to adapt and change according to your organization's needs.
  • Customization — At Thinking Cap we take the time to get to know our clients. Through thouroughly assessing the needs and desired outcome of the client we can ensure a smooth implamentation.
  • Cost Effective — Our innovative pricing structure allows for affordable solutions for organizations of all sizes.
  • Client Focus — Rather than to just simply sell you software, we are commited to solving your organizations inefficiences. Our success depends on your success.
  • Willingness to Grow — Start off with a strong implementation of a core LMS and we'll grow from there as needed, as a team.